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4 ways to reduce your beauty footprint - ways to reduce beauty footprint

For those of us wanting to make sustainable changes to our lifestyle, it can seem incredibly daunting to know where to start, especially when it comes to our precious beauty routines. But it’s easier than you think! We’ve rounded up the top five ways you can reduce your beauty footprint…

Replace tampons with a menstrual cup

Rather than most single-use period products that contain loads of plastic packaging, Menstrual Cups can be emptied, rinsed and re-inserted. Each cup lasts for up to 10 years, meaning the use of one Cup stops thousands of tampons and pads from clogging up landfills and oceans.

Ditch the face wipes

Though they seem incredibly handy when you’re too tired to take off your makeup, face wipes are as good for your skin as they are for the planet – aka terrible! They don’t actually cleanse your skin properly, simply moving the makeup, oil and dirt around on your face. Wipes often contain ingredients that can cause inflammation or irritation, so do yourself a favour and use a nourishing cleansing balm or oil instead.

Switch to a bar of soap

It’s a simple switch, but will substantially cut down on your plastic consumption, as hand soap is one of the most used products in our households. Make sure to choose soaps without palm oil and uses naturally moisturising ingredients to keep skin soothed and hydrated.

Pick aluminium over black plastic Bottles

If you’re not ready to give up your bottled shampoo and conditioner, don’t fret. However, it’s important to note that black plastic bottles aren’t easily recyclable, if at all, as the near infra-red technology that sorts recycling can’t read the black plastic and thus doesn’t sort it.
An easy way to avoid this issue is to use haircare in aluminium bottles.

Go slowly, you don’t have to become a green machine overnight! Make small changes at first and see how you respond to this change. Gradually, you will come to love natural products that are great for your skin and our environment.

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5 Autumn nail colour trends and the wine to enjoy with them

Glitter – 5 Autumn nail colour trends and the wine to enjoy with them

Who doesn’t love a bit of glitter? It’s sparkly and a fun way to change your nails up.
Whether you go for gold or silver glitter nails, make sure you have a glass of ice-cold prosecco nearby because it’s the perfect match for your nails.

Wine pick: Prosecco

Dark Teal – 5 Autumn nail colour trends and the wine to enjoy with them

Let’s call this the more sophisticated version of a summer turquoise. Dark Teal nails are an autumn manicure trend. It’s rich and dark just like the season and will look even better on you if you have a pinot grigio in hand because they’re a match made in heaven.

Wine pick: Pinot Grigio

Soft Browns & Chocolate – 5 Autumn nail colour trends and the wine to enjoy with them

What will autumn nights be without chocolate? Whether you’re drinking it or painting it on your nails, it’s warming and cosy. And as a manicure, it fits in perfectly with the brown and orangey tones of the season. Just make sure you’re sipping on a delicate rosé while showing off your manicure.

Wine pick: Rosé

Plums & Berry – 5 Autumn nail colour trends and the wine to enjoy with them

Plum and berry manicures have been a staple of autumn for years and they are again in 2020. Who can resist the rich dark shades that go so perfectly with autumn colours. They’re also the perfect match for the rich spiciness of a glass of Cabernet.

Wine pick: Cabernet Sauvignon

Light Grey – 5 Autumn nail colour trends and the wine to enjoy with them

One of the most refined nail colours of the season is a frosty, washed-out grey. It makes your nails look elegant and it contrasts autumnal colours beautifully, making your hands stand out. Enjoy the statement nails with a statement red wine like a Barolo.

Wine pick: Barolo

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