Health reasons why you should drink red wine every day. - 8 health benefits of drinking red wine - 8 health benefits of drinking red wine

Call us biased but we think you should be drinking red wine every day. But don’t just take our word for it, medical professionals back us on this claim. While alcohol in general, gets a bad rap from doctors, the one drink they seem to endorse, all be it in moderation is red wine. Yes, because it has surprising health benefits and a glass a day will help keep you in tiptop shape.

8 health benefits of drinking red wine.

  • Drinking red wine is known to improve your short term memory. It helps you retain information, thanks to the effects of resveratrol.
  • Not a big fan of eye diseases? Don’t worry, a glass of wine a day will prevent cataract. This is because red wine is rich in antioxidants.
  • No one enjoys a dental plague or a dentist bill so it’s good to know the natural antioxidants in wine reduces bacteria that causes tooth decay and helps prevent annoying and expensive trips to the dentist.
  • Red wine is also good for the heart and prevents heart disease. This is because it helps regulate fat and cholesterol in the body. It decreases bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol which is good for the heart. Also, certain components of wine block the development of fat cells.
  • Some studies have shown promising results that wine reduces the risk of cancer. It slows down the development of lung cancer and helps prevent certain types of skin cancer.
  • You’ll also be happy to know that a glass a day helps maintain your youth. The antioxidants in red wine help improve the skin’s appearance. In fact, there are a lot of beauty treatments that use the components of wine in their products.
  • An Italian study from 2009 claims a potential relation between the nutriments of red wine and higher sexual activity. Think of it as an aphrodisiac and get your freak on.
  • One benefit of red wine we’re sure you don’t need a doctor to tell you about is that it helps beat stress. The antioxidants in the wine act as a great stress reliever so go on, sip away.

Just to make the health professionals happy, we must say that the WHO advises not to exceed the daily consumption of two glasses of wine for men and one glass for women.

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